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Perming Hubog Lyrics

“Perming Hubog”

Human sa adlaw nga gitapos ta ang tanan, kalit lang nausab ang panahon, Di na makatulog panahon sa kagabhion,
Di nako ganahan mokaon,
Sa akong pag piyong makita ko ang kanindot sa imong pahiyom,
Ug sa akong pag mata way laing makita
Ang larawan mo sa akong pitaka,

Ania ako perming “hubog”..
Unta makita mo,
Unsa kasakit ang gibuhat mo,
Guba ki’ng dughan ko,
Hapit nalang gane ko magpakamatay,
Aron malimtan ka lang inday,

Karon nga wala nata,
Naanad nalang,
Mulakaw nga mag inusara,
Mulakaw nga way tumong,
Bisan asa nalang paingon,
Bisan asa nalang makakitag kainom,
Unya kung mahubog way laing
Adto ra sa atong abutanan,,..

[BISROCK TRAVEL] Bisrocker goes to Olango Island

Bisrock Fan was invited to join an excursion to the oftenly unexplored Olango Island and its neighboring islets.
The trip was serene and a trip to remember indeed.

Our benefactors guided us through to the island of Pandanon and a baranggay of Getafe town of Bohol. The island boasts a long sandbar which is flooded by the sea during high tide. Standing on the sandbar while it is high tide is an awesome experience with the sea at about the height of your thighs. The rest of the island was made into residential space by the islanders and a paved path will bring you around the island. The people of Pandanon island are friendly but they don’t clean the island and throw their garbage and human waste to the sea. If you do not wish to see the reality of the effects of human population on the island I suggest that you stick to the sandbar part of the island. The island has an entrance fee of 50php for the boat and 250php or 150php (I didn’t hear the collector clearly) if you wish to stay on the sand bar and swim around.

After our trip to Pandanon we went to the island of Pangan-an which is part of the Olango islets. Pangan-an island has a very undisturb feel to it. The place that we went to was a resort but we stayed only at the port area since we were not really going to stay there for the weekend :D.

I hope you enjoyed the video and our adventure at Olango Island. If you wanna make your own adventure at Olango, feel free to go.

[Bisrock Event] Bisrock @ KOA Tree House for a cause (February 5, 2016)


On February 5, 2016 the bisrock bands that we have come to idolize will make their music sound in order to help a fellow musician on a gig labelled “Jam for Iceman”. The proceeds from this event will be for the hospitalization and treatment expenses of IZ (Icarus Zion), son of Smooth Friction’s vocals Val. The kid has been on the ICU for some time now.

Entrance Fee is at Php 100 inclusive of a free drink as well as free listening to the Bisrock bands. The bands will start playing songs at 8PM in the evening of Friday (February 5, 2016). Featured bands are Powerspoonz, Missing Filemon, Bandaid, Junior Kilat, The Line Divides, Aggressive Audio and Smooth Friction.

Rock on guys. Help the kid. Enjoy the music.

Welcome to the BisRock World!

Welcome to the BisRock World!

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